Tuesday, April 17, 2012

are you holding God's hand?

Wow... it been a very long time since i have had the chance to write a blog, a year to be exact. i have a pretty cool story to share with you guys... this past Saturday was an adventure, it was the end of a chapter of my life that apparently God thought i needed to get rid of...I was supposed to get married this past Saturday, (don't say oh..um...now i feel akward, DONT! it was for the best) anyway thats not what this story is about...So saturday i had the chance to have an awesome day with my best friends. we went and got pedis, had panera bread, arguments about free will and predestination..(thats for another blog, by the way), then i went with my friends who are married and moving so they could pick out a comforter and paint to match the comforter. As they had quite a few discussions and disagreements on the comforter and paint, which was quite amusing, i started thinking( i know, i know shocker.) anyway, i started thinking about how thats me and God, what i think is a simple little decisions. Actually picking out comforters and paint is important! All i could think about was how God and I disagree all the time. I always have to have control and what I want! God does not work like that at all. Life is all about what he wants and how i can glorify him with the "simple" choices i make.. What in your life is that "comforter" decision? What are you not allowing God to have control of?. As the rest of the day went on my friend got the comforter that she wanted, it took a little perserverance and patience to pick out what she wanted and i knew that the disagreement would end and that at the end of the day they would be holding hands and still love each other. (Not that they would stop loving each other, especially over a comforter and paint) haha...just had to make sure you were still with me...But isnt that how it is with God? I mean i know that God and i have our disagreements and that we really dont see eye to eye sometimes, but he has the best in store for me. at the end of the day I know God is always going to be holding my hand and walking me through life...have you given God that chance? are you holding god's hand? think about that :D have a great day!